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BasketballJust started playing basketball in my free time and this sketch accurately portrays what went down.

I need to get back to it!

SkateSkateboarding is one of my true loves.

Though it may be so strong because its unrequited, aka I can’t do that shiz.

Its not for lack of trying it just is what it is BUT I can draw it.

In fact I have a girls skate crew comic in the works. Stay Tuned!


There may be a great deal of karaoke in San Francisco but there is only one person capable of insuring the greatest time of your life. That karaoke shaman is Roger Niner.

Aside from blowing your mind on the stage wherever that occurs he also does music related games on his facebook. This was my response to his challenge of when & how I came to know the band Sisters of Mercy.

Now go do some karaoke!

BirdsongAin’t nothing wrong with a little bird song.

A little drawing inspired while stuck in street traffic.

Sign Painting


Sign Painting


sign painting

Have you ever seen a hand painted sign that took your breath away? Me too!

For this very reason I jumped at the chance to take a 2 day sign painting course by New Bohemia Signs in San Francisco last weekend, and let me tell ya it did not disappoint.

It is not to be missed. The owner Damien was both hilarious & helpful simultaneously while setting a jaunty mood with 60s music.

Inside tip, it is definitely harder than it looks! We spent the first day learning the method so that by day two we had the confidence to create our own sign.

I chose the classic Harvey Kurtzman “Hey Look” comic title as my subject as you can see. I aint gonna lie I did get shocked at one point, I regret nothing.

TAKE THIS CLASS!! Seriously folks it is the bee’s knee’s.



[ Nobody Likes Party Steve ]

Silliness is essential.

Whenever I’ve looked at a project too long and can’t see it anymore I know its time to break out a ballpoint & start the silly.