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vansskateMy bud Greg, who shares my love of Vans & skateboarding, challenged me to create an ad for my fave pair.

So here it is. My current crush pair I can’t stop wearing, Bad Brains edition.

The End.

spencer productspencerspencerspencer1One of my Fave artists Spencer Product had an epic solo show “ICONOFAUXBIA” at the SFAI swell gallery last night it was a blow out!

I rolled up hard as his anarchy cheerleader & rocked the camera. This series was flooded with amazing mash ups both in movies & music. Had a great time on the red carpet.

Long live Spencer Product!!

CartoonI love old cartoons.

Ub Iwerks, Popeye & B&W Betty Boop are my faves.

The End.

Shawn showshawn show1jim smithhall n oateswacko

Road tripped it to LA last weekend to visit my two buds Shawn Dickinson & Nicole his rad wifey.

Shawn’s an amazing artist and his solo show at Hyena gallery was epic.

Here’s a few of the highlights:


Meeting a hero of mine Jim Smith at said opening & chatting it up

Swap Meet (Hall & Oates record score)

Wacko bookstore & gallery

Laurel & Hardy marathon

Sleeping on a blue tiger blanket

Driving home through a dust storm rivaling the great 30s dust bowl


PS- The only down side is missing my LA buds hard. MOVE TO the BAY!